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Amazed the Game
The Rules

In Order to Win you Have To Be Amazing

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What's In The Box?


Each team gets to select a coin to represent themselves on the game board.

Hourglass Timer

Each team will turn this over as their turn begins. You have 60 seconds to solve as many challenge cards as possible.


Roll this die to determine how many spaces to move your coin. You can move left, right, up, and down as many spaces as you roll on the die.

Game Board

Unfold this board into one of 16 different maze combinations to determine which crazy path you will face. Different configurations will present you with different levels of difficulty.

Two Sets of Cards

Each team will choose a deck to play from (Key Cards or Eye Cards). These cards are divided into Green (easy), Blue (medium), and Red (hard). Each card has a number at the bottom.

Two Answer Kits

The opposite team will hold your deck’s answer key. So, if you select the Key Cards, your opponent will hold the Key Cards answer sheet.

Amazed the Game

Game Rules

1 Learning the Board

Ok, first thing’s first. How cool is that game board? Crazy, right? Listen - ANY way you open the game board, you - are - correct. There are 16 ways of opening the board, and every single way will give you a different maze and set of challenges along the way. As long as you see four quadrants, there’s no wrong way to do it.

In order to play the game, you’ll need to decide from which corner of the board (the red compasses) you’re going to start. Your goal is to be the first person to reach the center. That’s how you win.

2 Setup

Divide yourselves into TWO teams. One team gets the Key Cards, and the other team gets the Eye Cards. Your team will hold the answer key for the other team. So, if your team has the Eye Cards, you’ll hold the answer key for the Key Cards.

When you land your coin on a square, you’ll have to solve a riddle or crack the code. The color of the square is the ability level of the challenge. Greens are easy, Blues are medium, and Reds might just melt your brain. When it’s your turn, shout out the card number and your answer, and your opponent will look at the answer key and quickly say if you’re right or wrong!

3 How to Begin

The player with the earliest birthday (closest to January 1st) goes first. So, January 28th would go before January 29th, etc.

Roll the die. Move your coin up, down, left, or right the number that you rolled. The only thing you CANNOT do is move diagonally - only left, right, up, or down! So, if you roll a “six,” you can move two spaces up, three spaces right, and one space left - or just six spaces up. Whatever you want!

For the rest of the game, your turn always begins by flipping the timer and answering a challenge card of the color you are on.

4 Gameplay

Flip the timer, then draw a card. If you get that card correct, you can roll the die again and attempt another challenge. You can face as many challenges as you can in 60 seconds - so act quickly! Once you use a card, put it in a discard pile. When your time’s up, it’s your opponent’s turn to play.

You can’t roll again until you answer correctly - and you only get one guess! If you’re wrong, or if you give up on that card, your turn is officially over. You can draw a new card of the same color on your next turn - but you can only roll the die again once you answer a card correctly - so think carefully!

5 Additional Notes

Oooh! What are those cool black rings? I’m so glad you asked. If you can land on one of those black rings, you get to teleport yourself to ANY other black ring on the board. Cool, right?

Now that you know the rules, get to it. Focus, do your best, and get ready to be... AMAZED. Oh! And most importantly, HAVE FUN!