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Amazed the Game Presented by
Neil Patrick Harris

A mind bending game of puzzles, riddles, secrets, & strategy

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A mind-warping race against the clock!

Solve puzzles, riddles, and secret codes to PROVE your wits - on a brilliant maze-like game board that opens in 16 different ways.

The Ultimate Brain Challenge

Includes over 300 challenging puzzles, codes, and riddles for you to solve, with difficulty ranging from extremely easy to brain-melting. Land on a green space, and answer a simple brain teaser. Land on a red space… and prepare for your mind to implode!


Play It Your Way

The AMAZED board can unfold into infinite* configurations, ensuring that each game is a completely brand new experience. Pick a starting place, choose your route, and roll the die. Move left, right, up, down, or even warp across the board! * Okay, it’s actually 16 ways. But it feels super infinite, I promise!


Be Amazed!

It’s time to show your friends and family who is the most amazing. Gather your team, put your minds together, and HAVE FUN! Also... try to win! But mainly have fun.